Tipu (Tipuana tipu)



Tipuana tipu

  • Incredibly fast grower brings shade and color quickly
  • Builds a high canopy that makes it great for front or back yards
  • Loves hot environments and tolerates tough, clay soils
  • Displays beautiful coat of yellow-gold blossoms in spring

The Tipu Tree is a medium to large sized colorful flowering tree with a fast growth rate and loved by many for the shade it provides! From South America, Tipuana tipu (botanical name) is a vibrant beauty prized for its umbrella-shaped crown and canopy of feathery, bright bluish-green foliage. This wonderfully beautiful canopy provides a generous amount of shady relief, and we love to properly plant them around a home to help cool those hotter rooms during those bright and sunny days! We also use them to bring shade to a patio or to protect other plants beneath its understory. As great as its shady canopy is, it also puts on a spectacular show from late spring to early summer when the bright golden blossoms of sweet-pea shaped flower clusters appear! These flower clusters are filled with abundant nectar and attract butterflies!

A semi-evergreen, the Tipu tree loves hot environments and full sun exposure, so it is an ideal tree for the Houston area. Once established, it will have low to moderate watering requirements and is considered to be drought tolerant too. Anyone that desires a naturally beautiful tree that offers a perfect canopy for a summertime picnic will love Tipuana tipu! Ideal for front and backyards!

Buy as big as you can if you want to bring instant shade and tropical beauty into your landscape. Big Tex Tree Nurseries is the largest box tree grower in the United States, with healthy and beautiful Tipu Trees available in a wide range of sizes. We assure that ours are the best-quality trees in all of Texas because we grow ours only from our premium quality specimens! Visit your local Big Tex Nursery and see these gorgeous specimens for yourself!


Fast growing shade tree

Shows coat of golden blooms in late Spring

Thrives in intense desert heat and cold

Great where a high canopy is desired